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Gratitude Rocks


Q: what is a gratitude rock?

its very simple actually, a gratitude rock is just a small rock that you can carry in your pocket and can hold comfortably in your hand at anytime to take a mindful moment and think about what you're grateful for. We also love to use this as a daily tool for kids to use at the end of their day, before bed to seal the days intentions. While holding their rock in their hands they can close their eyes and say either outloud or to themselves, What their favourite part of the day was. Seal their thoughts by saying "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You". Starting this simple and powerful practice helps little minds to focus on even the smallest of good that may have happened in that day. Setting their minds to a happy thought before they drift off to dream land. 

Make Your Gratitude Rock! 

Take a little journey outdoors, backyord, beach or trails? Even to your favourite Gem shop! Choose your rock, by picking a small one, that fits comfortably in your palm with no sharp edges when you close your fingers around it. Once you have rock. Thats it! use it and enjoy. Practice our little daily ritual described above and start setting your attitude of Gratitude! 

Want to Get Crafty!

Get your favourite paints or markers out and lets set even more positive vibes into motion. Write your faveourite phrase or positive words on your rock, decorate it with lots of your favourite colours, shapes and designs! Truly let your imagination soar and make your rock as personal as possible. 


Check out other sources online and see what they are up to with their attitude of gratitude! 

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